Elephant - National Heritage Animal, India


Jagiroad, Morigaon / October 28, 2010: A day after the elephant was officially declared a Heritage Animal, entitling it to the same sort of protection as the tiger; a video has captured villagers in Assam beating a baby elephant to death.


The three-year-old calf had was injured and had been abandoned by his herd. Villagers are seen in the video riding on the injured calf, while policemen watch.

The villagers then attacked the calf with spears and sticks till he died.


The conflict between elephants and humans in Assam has been escalating. With forests widely encroached, elephants are forced to stray out of their habitat and sometimes destroy paddy fields, prompting attacks by villagers.


A fortnight ago, four elephants were found dead in tea gardens near Kaziranga. Experts said they seemed to have been poisoned.


We the undersigned standing and speaking in unity wish to address a major crisis with you. Animal abuse and neglect !


We want to see you make into law, that anyone who harms, abuses or neglects animals in any manner be forced to be OUTED on A National Animal Abusers Registry list which includes all states.


Info., will feed to all databases where animals are of concern from Vets, to all shelters and rescues esp., those who adopt and sell pedigrees.


Anyone known to selling to a registered offender will, too now be listed as an abuser in the National Animal Abusers Registry list.


Thank you for your immediate focus and action on this crucial matter as we are their voice and legs !!


The declaration of the elephant as the National Heritage Animal of India on Thursday by the Union government has received hearty welcome from animal lovers. The decision has special significance in Kerala because the State has a large number of captive elephants and the manner in which they are kept has been constantly questioned by animal lovers.

In fact, Kerala is a State where the figure of human-captive elephant conflict is very high and this is often attributed to a natural reaction from the side of the animal to the cruelty to which it is being often subjected.


The National Heritage Animal status for the elephant was one of the important recommendations of 12-member Elephant Task Force which submitted its report to the Union Ministry of Environment and Forests on August 31.


The government accorded the prestigious status for the elephant following the approval of the Elephant Task Force recommendation by the Standing Committee of the National Board for Wildlife at its meeting on October 13. Project Elephant Director A.N. Prasad has said it will be notified in the Gazette of India soon.


Animal rights activist, Maneka Gandhi told The Hindu that she wholeheartedly welcomes the decision. But now since the elephant has been declared a National Heritage Animal there can no more be private ownership of elephants for the simple reason that a National property cannot be owned by private individuals.


All temples and private individuals owning elephants should immediately surrender them to the government. But, has the machinery for that been constituted, she asked. So, in the first place, the setup for that has to be evolved and then there should be rescue centres for such elephants. There should also be clarity on the punishment for private individuals if they happen to keep this National Heritage Animal. Unless there are subsidiary rules, the declaration may not serve its purpose, she said.


Important step


Elephant Task Force member Suparna Ganguly has said that she is absolutely motivated and excited over the declaration. This should have been done many years ago. The present precarious condition of elephants in India warrants more resources. The moot point is that if the world needs the elephant India has to take the lead for it and the declaration is one important step in that direction.


Animal rights activist A.G. Babu has said he will welcome the decision in all laudable terms. But it has to be ensured that the declaration does not remain only on paper. Already there is a heritage status for the elephant as people see it as Lord Ganesha. In spite of that the animal in captivity is subjected to untold cruelty. It has to be ensured now that better days have dawned for the elephants, especially for those in captivity, he said.


Former president of the Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad M.K. Prasad has said that the elephant richly needs the status. Though a huge animal the elephant never evokes fear in human minds, at least in India. He hopes the national status will bring an end to the untold cruelty to which captive elephants are subjected to at the hands of man.


The death of seven elephants on rail tracks in West Bengal has brought to fore the threat the jumbos are facing in the country with as many as 150 of them being mowed down by speeding trains since 1987.


According to the latest report of the Elephant Task Force (ETF) of the Environment Ministry, West Bengal, where the tragedy occurred on Thursday, stands next only to Assam in the number of elephant casualties due to train movements.


Percentage wise, out of 150 jumbo deaths across the states, Assam's share is a staggering 36 per cent, while West Bengal stood second recording 26 per cent of the casualties, the ETF said.


Around 14 per cent deaths have been reported from Uttarakhand followed by Jharkhand (10 per cent), Tamil Nadu (6 per cent) Uttar Pradesh and Kerala( 3 per cent each) and Orissa (2 per cent).


As Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh put it, "This (seven jumbo death in West Bengal yesterday) is not the first time that such a mishap has taken place, although the scale with which it has taken place now is unprecedented particularly in the North-East frontier."


Most of the accidents (80 per cent) have happened in summer between January and June with animals hit by trains in the night when the elephants venture out in search of water and food, says the report while suggesting a string of preventive steps for the safety of jumbos, selected as national heritage animal. Being animal as state subject, the concerned authorities should make sure not to repeat these kinds of shameful crime against wildlife. As citizens across India - on this planet, we ask you to take urgent steps to stop the killing of elephants and hold accountable those responsible for their slaughter. We call on you to immediately implement the safety measures requested of the Railway Ministry by the Elephant Task Force. Our country has the privilege of being home to these extraordinary animals and we have the obligation to protect them. ....... OIPA in India is calling on the Assam government to combat the killing of rhinos by amending the Wildlife Protection Act so that rhino poachers receive longer prison sentences and heftier fines. The report, prepared at the behest of the Environment Ministry, has sought to bring railway projects in elephant habitats under the Forest Conservation Act and based on the Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) to be conducted on elephant movement by qualified biologists with expertise.


"Necessary amendment could also be considered in Forest (Conservation) Act, 1980. Environment (Protection) Act, with a provision that any new investment of value Rs 100 million and above on forest lands already authorised for 63 non-forest uses will be subject to clearance again by the Ministry with compulsory EIA," as per report. Intensive survey of accident prone areas was suggested to identify possible factors responsible for elephant deaths due to train hits besides site-specific short and long term mitigation measures.


Other suggestions include engagement of elephant trackers round the year to receive information regarding presence of elephant herds within five kilometers of the track length.


It has also suggested supporting research to develop sensors that could be deployed on either side of the track in accident prone areas to emit warning signals (sound/light) on approach of heavy bodied animals.


Railways should reduce speed of train passing through forest or high accident prone areas while train drivers, cabin crew, guards, passengers and caterers need to be sensitised to avert such accidents, says the report.


Examine the following solutions:..............


* Reduction of train speed to 20km/hr through the forest. * Relay tracks so as not to cut across elephant corridors * Clearing of bushes and removal of blockages at the turnings so that the driver could get a clear view. * Restore elephant corridor that do not have railway tracks. * Alter the timings of certain trains running in the evening and night. * Ensure that trains that have caused accidents in the past travel care fully through the section. * Ensure that the project elephant maintains a database on elephant mortality due to train accidents for the entire country. * Regulate garbage disposal. The drivers of the trains be vigilant and watch out for elephants in the elephant of the corridor especially at night. * Consult with project elephant for any other expert suggestions, as PE would have access to reports from various groups working on elephant corridors and similar wild elephant issues.


Assam: Villagers beat up a baby elephant to death in a village in Morigaon district, villagers were trying to chase away the elephant and local Police along with forest officials were present during crime, hence all concerned officials be placed under suspension and booked for the violation of the 120-B, 428 - 429 IPC read with the section 9, 39 and 51 of Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 and PCA Act, 1960.


Justice M. B. Lokur, Chief Justice of the Gauhati High Court is humbly requested to treat this mail as a public interest litigation - PIL in the interest of public, wildlife as well.


Signed By:


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Chantal Buslot Hasselt, AL 09/27/2010


Sascha Norris Atlanta, GA 09/27/2010


Panagiotis Rigopoulos Patra, 09/27/2010


neima NEIMA PARIS, LA 09/27/2010


gail dair perth, Australia 09/27/2010


Anne Thompson Lancashire,England, United Kingdom 09/27/2010


Pam Fioretti Adelaide, Australia 09/27/2010


Lori Andrews annandale, NJ 09/27/2010


Karine Dolven Misra New Delhi, India 09/27/2010


Steven Scott Caro, MI 09/27/2010


christine verbecque antwerp, Belgium 09/27/2010


Cheryl Isaacs Cuyahoga Falls, OH 09/27/2010


Mike Schena parkcity, IL 09/27/2010


evelyne flament renescure, France 09/27/2010


Donna Spillers Liverpool, England, United Kingdom 09/27/2010


Debi Webb Hudson, MA 09/27/2010


Wendy Forster Manchester, United Kingdom 09/27/2010


Julie Goldman Chesterfield, MO 09/27/2010


Monika Holikova Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic 09/27/2010


sharon gates independance, MO 09/27/2010


Chris Asch New York, NY 09/27/2010


Andreia Pimenta barreiro, 09/27/2010


Lily Jaye baltimore, MD 09/27/2010


suzanne wiseman st albans, MN 09/27/2010


Brady Root New Brunswick, NJ 09/27/2010


Mariusz Psiuk Łódź, Poland 09/27/2010


Desirree Marlena Clonch-Huff Vale, NC 09/27/2010


LAtonya Walker Brooklyn, NY 09/27/2010


Wendy Brown Albany, GA 09/27/2010


Judith Pecho Corrales, NM 09/27/2010


Samuel Leal Barcelona, Spain 09/27/2010


denigot corinne st nazaire, FM 09/27/2010


CINDY COLLIER WAKEFIELD, United Kingdom 09/27/2010


Jezreel del Rosario Pacifica, CA 09/27/2010


Kristy Mitchell Stephenville, TX 09/27/2010


erika mock mannersdorf, Austria 09/27/2010


Adele Wright Gauteng, South Africa 09/27/2010


Courtney Pride Muscle Shoals, AL 09/27/2010


Denise L. Fords, NJ 09/27/2010


lisa salazar Foster City, CA 09/27/2010


Dalia Arellano Los Angeles, CA 09/27/2010


Danielle Marra South Setauket, NY 09/27/2010


laura raforth rochester, NY 09/27/2010


John Peterson McMinnville, OR 09/27/2010


Mary Alexander Glen Allen, VA 09/27/2010


Margaret Sweeny Paisley, United Kingdom 09/27/2010


Annie Dillon Scotland, United Kingdom 09/27/2010


Justyna Gubala lodz, Poland 09/27/2010


sharon collette Athens, GA 09/27/2010


Kurt Frees Cincinnati, OH 09/27/2010


Rachel Mangan North Olmsted, OH 09/27/2010


Monique Duphil Oberlin, OH 09/27/2010


Zack Calleja Manteca, CA 09/27/2010


shannon yerton kingsport, TN 09/27/2010


melissa n bunt ann arbor, MI 09/27/2010


Lori Schwartz Cumming, GA 09/27/2010


Syd and Diane Marcus Skokie, IL 09/27/2010


Alex Woolery Portland, OR 09/27/2010


Ron Kendall Elgin, IL 09/27/2010


Lara Kelly Philadelphia, PA 09/27/2010


kathleen wissenz warminster, PA 09/27/2010


Gabriele Martinec Dürnkrut, Austria 09/27/2010


Rachael Phillips Los Angeles, CA 09/27/2010


Michael Dontas Lancaster, PA 09/27/2010


Kimberly Watkins Woodbury, MN 09/27/2010


Michele Mercer Casa Grande, AZ 09/27/2010


Jessie Dijkstra Ypsilanti, MI 09/27/2010


Jaime Tiscareno Chicago, IL 09/27/2010


david j. lafond Holyoke, MA 09/27/2010


Stephanie Malara Carlsbad, NM 09/27/2010


Bruce Kran Reno, NV 09/27/2010


Ryan Bradley Greenbelt, MD 09/27/2010


Yasiu Kruszynski Chicago, IL 09/27/2010


kanti selig seattle, WA 09/27/2010


Antonio Amador Setubal, 09/28/2010


Christopher Walker Pine Bluff, AR 09/28/2010


INES ARAUJO La Habra, CA 09/28/2010


Judith Abel Basel, Switzerland 09/28/2010


Eileen Bowen Fort Lauderdale, FL 09/28/2010


Karina Paller Ljubljana, Slovenia 09/28/2010


Sanjeev Rai Ranchi,, India 09/28/2010


Scott Burbridge Takoma Park, MD 09/28/2010


Lisa Zarafonetis Dallas, TX 09/28/2010


sue Schümmer Ulm, DE 09/28/2010


Pam Krzyza Johannesburg, South Africa 09/28/2010


Adriana Hartan Piatra Neamt, Romania 09/28/2010


Traci Newcomb Rocky Mount, NC 09/28/2010


Cindy Hill Antioch, CA 09/28/2010


Graciela Patrón Mederos León, Spain 09/28/2010


Kirsty Officer Hanoi, Viet Nam 09/28/2010


Annie Randall Banning, 09/28/2010


Martina Zalguizuri Blasquiz Isaba Navarra Spain, AL 09/28/2010


Brinda Davis McCleary, WA 09/28/2010


Roswitha von Heissen Tutzing, Germany 09/29/2010


Sanja Lalić Valečić Zagreb, LA 09/29/2010


Anita Clemmer Jessup, MD 09/29/2010




Ramiro Cabo Florida, Uruguay 09/29/2010


Ricardo Delgado Rodríguez Benalmádena, Spain 09/29/2010


Julie Acs South Rockwood, MI 09/29/2010


Susan Esposito Staten Island, NY 09/29/2010


Ewa Piasecka Warsaw, 09/29/2010


pete giacca warminster, PA 09/29/2010


Mervi Rantala Tampere, Finland 09/29/2010


Barbara McNamara Joppa, MD 09/29/2010


Diana Arikane cork, Ireland 09/30/2010


Chris Drumright Murfreesboro, TN 09/30/2010


Judy Penna Holiday, FL 09/30/2010


Chelsea Madison Oakand, CA 09/30/2010


gerlinde palsingh vienna, WY 09/30/2010


Yannis Karaouzas Athens, Greece 10/01/2010


Esther Wolk Medford, MA 10/01/2010


patricia myers ancramdale, NY 10/01/2010


Sam McFarlane Winnipeg, Canada 10/01/2010


martyn bassett london, NY 10/01/2010


Diane Gandee Sorbi Redwood City, CA 10/01/2010


LoVegan Loredana Versaci Torino, Italy 10/01/2010


erin reese houston, TX 10/01/2010


marina zarrillo LA, 10/01/2010


Diana Elder covina, CA 10/01/2010


Patrick Taylor San Francisco, CA 10/01/2010


leslie smith san marcos, TX 10/01/2010


Michelle R Olmsted Twp., OH 10/01/2010


joelle coudriou paris, France 10/02/2010


Dawn Spencer Elyria, OH 10/02/2010


Joe Park Portland, OR 10/02/2010


Gudrun D Gainesville, FL 10/02/2010


nora BUNNY albuquerque, NM 10/02/2010


Mia Huolman Vaasa, Finland 10/03/2010


Maud Jönsson Veberöd, Sweden 10/03/2010


Anne-Marie Monarovic Melbourne, Australia 10/03/2010


Maud och Bertil Jönsson Veberöd, 10/03/2010


Ileana Carmen Carare Tromso, OR 10/03/2010


maomi neko island east, Hong Kong 10/03/2010


Rose Akin Izmir, Turkey 10/03/2010


Jean-Paul Sacy Nicosia, Cyprus 10/03/2010


Salvador Patino Tempe, AZ 10/03/2010


Ellaine L Janicki CPhT West Haven, CT 10/03/2010


Angel Warrior Jersey, United Kingdom 10/03/2010


carmen vasile triuggio, Italy 10/03/2010


omesh maharaj san fernando, Trinidad and Tobago 10/03/2010


Rita Kerkhofs Antwerp/BE, AL 10/03/2010


Alexandra Pettinger Gündlkofen, Germany 10/03/2010


Jovana Kesic Belgrade, Serbia 10/03/2010


Lisa Koehl Brooklyn, CT 10/03/2010


Rebecca Shane Lakewood, CO 10/03/2010


Lisa Merritt Elizabethton, TN 10/03/2010


Brenda Robinson Toronto, CA 10/03/2010


France Dombrowski Quebec City, Canada 10/03/2010


Laura Tatti Oristano, Italy 10/03/2010


Earle Bingley West Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Canada 10/03/2010


Larry D. Grazier Lexington, TX 10/03/2010


Gabriella Serafino Altavilla Vicentina, Italy 10/03/2010


Kit Blumenstein Lewisville, TX 10/03/2010


Lori korunka mount olive, IL 10/03/2010


Chana Bogsted East Bridgewater, MA 10/03/2010


Lianne Brown ACT, Australia 10/03/2010


Laura Broenink Amersfoort, Netherlands 10/03/2010


Deborah Simpson Las Vegas, NV 10/03/2010


Nick Hardy Clearwater, FL 10/03/2010


Julie Farrell Sydney, Australia 10/03/2010


robert stephens liverpool, United Kingdom 10/03/2010


roseann stapff miami, FL 10/03/2010


kathleen byrne inland empire, CA 10/03/2010


Márcia Machado Porto, Portugal 10/04/2010


Orange Loy Fort Collins, 10/04/2010


Jo Lathwell Trowbridge, United Kingdom 10/04/2010


Arild Warud Ericeira, CA 10/05/2010


Anne Holmberg Beaverton, OR 10/05/2010


Alessandra Alves SPaulo, Brazil 10/05/2010


paul whitehouse horsham, NY 10/05/2010


Maria Gkinala Ballyconnell, Ireland 10/05/2010


shay vanstratt grand haven, MI 10/05/2010


Sarah Oswald Melbourne, FL 10/05/2010


Fabienne Amnesty For Animals Limburg, Netherlands 10/06/2010


Patty Fleener Stayton, OR 10/06/2010


enrico miolli settimo torinese, Italy 10/06/2010


Dianna Driskell-Knaggs St. Peter, Barbados 10/06/2010


Hanna Erkel Szentendre, Hungary 10/06/2010


Jacqueline Brum East Greenwich, RI 10/06/2010


Carrie Bruce Indpls., IN 10/06/2010


Kate kearney Werrington Downs, Australia 10/06/2010


Lena Rehberger Grebenhain, Germany 10/07/2010


Nancy Billings EDGEWOOD, MD 10/07/2010


Tanya Willis Lewes, DE 10/07/2010


Melanie Yarwood Gettysburg, PA 10/07/2010


Sugar Bouche Florida, FL 10/07/2010


John Kelly West Babylon, NY 10/08/2010


Brian Maisey wanganui, New Zealand 10/08/2010


annmarie devine burtonport co donegal, Ireland 10/08/2010


Iwona Janeczko Warsaw, Poland 10/09/2010


Eva Zaharieva Sofia, Bulgaria 10/09/2010


Till Kraemer Hamburg, Germany 10/09/2010


Ayah Alfawaris Irbid, Jordan 10/09/2010


Kristin Marshall Fillmore, NY 10/10/2010


Isabelle Roeland Waterloo, Belgium 10/10/2010


Tinne Proost beerse, 10/10/2010


Jean Lord Cliffwood Beach, NJ 10/10/2010


elvis cintron san german, PR 10/10/2010


TORI WISE Desert Aire, WA 10/10/2010


Andrea Oefinger Newtown, CT 10/10/2010


Brenda W port colborne, CA 10/10/2010


Irene Sidor Brooklyn, NY 10/10/2010


Danielle Graham Chula Vista, CA 10/10/2010


Floren Natali Surabaya, ID 10/11/2010


maria mcbride Englewood, CO 10/11/2010


Kemal Reza Jakarta, Indonesia 10/11/2010


Barbara Maas Dorking, United Kingdom 10/11/2010


Darren Mitton Rome, GA 10/11/2010


kristen Breitweg CITRUS SPRINGS, FL 10/11/2010


Faith Campbell Ontario, Canada 10/11/2010


Adam Ostler Adelaide, Australia 10/12/2010


Rev. Timothy Smith Monroe, NC 10/12/2010


Hans-Curd Welsch Sant Salvador de Guardiola, Spain 10/13/2010


Hans-Curd Welsch Hamburg, Germany 10/13/2010


Jaimi Haig Salt Lake City, UT 10/13/2010


stéphanie rossenu Beaverton, OR 10/13/2010


Marla de Vries Eibergen, Netherlands 10/13/2010


annie cowling DANBURY, CT 10/13/2010


Danièle Dolleans Saint-Fargeau-Ponthierry, FL 10/13/2010


Isabella PARFENOFF Los Angeles, CA 10/13/2010


Susannah Kegler San pedro, CA 10/13/2010


colin Quinn Libertyville, IL 10/13/2010


terezia ildiko fogarasi oradea, RI 10/14/2010


Corinna Morton Salt Lake City, UT 10/14/2010


Rebecca Coiro hillaird, FL 10/15/2010


Sézille Mathilde Vélizy, France 10/15/2010


Victor Escobar Midlothian, VA 10/15/2010


Julia Tawyea' Lake Ariel, PA 10/16/2010


Melissa Webber Johannesburg, South Africa 10/16/2010


vercknocke pascal bagnols sur ceze, 10/16/2010


Diana Ferreira Paços de Ferreira, Portugal 10/17/2010


Renee Wright Beaverton, South Africa 10/17/2010


Elisabeth Kelly Washington, DC 10/17/2010


Lauren Richie Pleasant Grove, AL 10/17/2010


Sarah Panullo Waymart, PA 10/18/2010


MacKenize Daniels Decatur, IL 10/19/2010


Stephen Greene Ellerbe, NC 10/19/2010


Theory Madison Birmingham, MI 10/20/2010


Jason J Green Spotsylvania, VA 10/20/2010


Ellen Bledsoe South Hadley., MA 10/20/2010


Leslie Fox Bedford, NH 10/20/2010


süheyla caliskan istanbul, TX 10/20/2010


Laura Connelly Elmira, NY 10/21/2010


Deb Brown Raleigh, NC 10/21/2010


Susan Curtis Long Beach, CA 10/21/2010


Nan Bongiovanni Carlsbad, CA 10/21/2010


desiree haney west newton, PA 10/22/2010


Helen Bertrand NY, NY 10/22/2010


Caleb Laieski Phoenix, AZ 10/22/2010


sam bros patchogue, NY 10/22/2010


Ramona Thompson Birmingham, AL 10/23/2010




Veggie Tribe montreuil, 10/26/2010


Valerie Hildebrand Winnipeg, MB., Canada 10/26/2010


Abbas Shamael Rizvi New Delhi, India 10/26/2010


Isabel Zamora-Richardson mesa, AZ 10/26/2010


Paramveer Singh Sethi New Delhi, India 10/26/2010


Dian Hardy Guerneville, CA 10/26/2010


anoop ghale colnbrook, LA 10/26/2010


Fiona VanSise Akron, OH 10/26/2010


LYN CORRIGAN West Sussex, CA 10/26/2010


S Ward arvada, CO 10/26/2010


lynda wilby worcestershire, United Kingdom 10/26/2010


darren mallalieu london, United Kingdom 10/26/2010


claire ralph stamford, AL 10/26/2010


chelsea andrews london, United Kingdom 10/26/2010


sarah brown suffolk, United Kingdom 10/26/2010


nikos bouzas athens, Greece 10/26/2010


Jennfier Campa Mission Hills, CA 10/26/2010


Michael Curtis Thrapston, United Kingdom 10/26/2010


Paige Harrison, R.N. New York, NY 10/26/2010


july whitby nottingham, PR 10/26/2010


Glenys Laird Barnstaple, AL 10/26/2010


kimberly woodruff canton, NY 10/26/2010


Joycey Berry Canton, NC 10/26/2010


Allan Yorkowitz Colonia, NJ 10/26/2010


gran pat bastrop, TX 10/26/2010


c mac parma, OH 10/26/2010


Eleni Michaels Sydney, Australia, Australia 10/26/2010


Christine Pregmon Carthage, NC 10/26/2010


Priyā Sā'blə Pune, India 10/27/2010


sirjana nijjar Delhi, India 10/27/2010


vignesh kartik Chicago, IL 10/27/2010


AnimalSpirit Diana Martz Shelbyville, IN 10/27/2010


julie keetley nottingham, UT 10/27/2010


bernadette thornton london, AK 10/27/2010


emma hasney manchester, United Kingdom 10/27/2010


Sofia Goncalves Cascais, Portugal 10/27/2010


Sherry Bender New York, NY 10/27/2010


Linda Fleming Cleveland, OH 10/27/2010


Nadejda Toteva Pleven, Bulgaria 10/27/2010


Karuna Society For Animals & Nature Puttaparthi, India 10/27/2010


Romula Dsilva Puttaparthi, India 10/27/2010


Edward Laurson Denver, CO 10/27/2010


Norma I. Roman-Ortiz Howell, NJ 10/27/2010


Jeff Kremer Tampa, FL 10/27/2010


Sherry Taylor Huntsville, AL 10/27/2010


Frans van Zeeland Hengelo, Netherlands 10/27/2010


Chastity Lassiter Blackstone, VA 10/27/2010




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