Ban Kamela (slaughterhouse) in Meerut, India

This is footage of the open slaughterhouse in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh State of India, where thousands of animals are being butchered everyday in the most savage manner, dumping all the hides, bones, fat, other body parts and blood in Kali Nadi, A seasonal river that once provided irrigation and drinking water to 44 villages in Meerut district has turned poisonous.

The Central Ground Water Board had recommended that handpumps and tubewells along the Kali Nadi should be closed. People say they have no other source of drinking water. People living along the banks also complained of skin allergies and reproductive health problems.

Please take a few second of your day to share this story and make an appeal to local government for imposing immediate ban on all the Open Slaughterhouses, so that the lives of thousands of innocent animals as well as local human beings in Meerut may be saved.