Ban Kamela (slaughterhouse) in Meerut, India

This is footage of the open slaughterhouse in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh State of India, where thousands of animals are being butchered everyday in the most savage manner, dumping all the hides, bones, fat, other body parts and blood in Kali Nadi, A seasonal river that once provided irrigation and drinking water to 44 villages in Meerut district has turned poisonous.

The Central Ground Water Board had recommended that handpumps and tubewells along the Kali Nadi should be closed. People say they have no other source of drinking water. People living along the banks also complained of skin allergies and reproductive health problems.

Please take a few second of your day to share this story and make an appeal to local government for imposing immediate ban on all the Open Slaughterhouses, so that the lives of thousands of innocent animals as well as local human beings in Meerut may be saved.


  1. Animal slaughter is just heinous ; it is a shame for us all. To be a vegetarian or a vegan is more scientific, more civilized in true sense, and more spiritual - no matter what religion we may follow.

    Many people contend that even plant has life, so why is meat-eating particularly bad ? Let us consider these points with an open mind :

    1. Life can only come from life so no denying that plants have life too,but plants drop ripe fruits, do chickens drop legs ?

    2. The length of human alimentary canal (from mouth to anus) corresponds more to herbivores than to carnivores. It is harder for the digestive system to handle meat.

    3. Animal protein thus takes longer to digest and the undigested, fermenting meat often releases free radicals that can become carcinogens (cancer-causing) which explains why meat-eaters have significantly higher rates of severe colitis and colon cancer. Also, red meat is the richest source of bad cholesterol.

    4. When animals are slaughtered, death is not instantaneous and that agony in the period between slaughter and death causes lots of stress hormones (neo-corticoids/adrenaline etc) being released into the dying bodies' systems. Eating that flesh means taking those toxins also, whereas, due to our own stress, we already have stress hormones in our blood stream.

    5. One day, take a non-veg diet and after 2 hrs, try and focus on a project or anything that needs concentration. Next day, at same time, take fruits and nuts / fruit juice etc., and focus on the same work. Experience the difference in the state of mind that it makes.

    6. Ecologically, one kg. of animal food costs upto 3 times more natural resources than 1 kg of veg food, because animals eat plants and don't have 100% conversion efficiency, weight-to-weight. This explains why non-veg food is more expensive.

    7. Meat-eating takes life twice : first the animal kills plants by eating them, and then meat-eaters kill that animal to eat flesh. Veg eaters do it just once, eating plants.

    8. Globally, more and more people are turning vegetarians due to rising awareness of these factors.

    9. All religions profess compassion to all forms of life. Let us not kill twice, if we can survive by taking life just once (plants).

    10. We become what we eat. The gross part of the food we take goes to build the body ; the subtle part (vibrations) would affect the mind. It is easier to control anger and violence (which are bad for all of us), with a vegetarian diet. For those interested in spiritual progress and meditation, this has special significance.

  2. I saw how with such a brutallity innocent animals are slaughtering on such a large scale.It is lowest of the low being committed.Very unfortunate and shameful why the city administration don't take stringent action against the owners.Kamela's should be banned all over the country.

  3. It is prime duty of local government to protect the health of people. Ban killing of innocent animals. we are human being with matured mind and not cruel animal. Stop this rubbish.

  4. Now our CM yogi will certainly take note of this cruelty and take stringent action.