Shoot-on-sight order against dogs in Mizoram

IZAWL: At least 14 people were bitten by stray dogs in south Mizoram's Lunglei town in March, prompting the district administration to issue "shoot-on-sight" order against the canines.

Due to an increase in cases of dog bites, district magistrate Margaret Zohmingthangi had issued an order on January 28 that street dogs won't be allowed to have a free run on the streets.

A source in Lunglei said the district magistrate ordered rogue canines to be shot following rise in cases of dog bites. Altogether 14 people have been hospitalized after being bitten by dogs in March. The "shoot-on-sight" order would be in force for two months."Many stray dogs are still seen on the streets of Lunglei even after the prohibitory order was issued," the source added.

TNN, Mar 31, 2011

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