Bakrid: Not just another crueltyfree festival..

The roads, lanes and alleys have streams of animal blood flowing for day in every year on the day of Bakr-id. The leftover parts of killed animals' remain creates foul odours for weeks. All this while, we will be greeting one another with Eid Mubarak.

Eid can bring its true meaning only, if it is a sacrifce free. Killing animals on the name of Allah or God display primitiveness in oneself. Please, encourage people to stop killing from now and make it a happy, peaceful and crueltyfree festival.

Please, educate people to stop animal sacrifice 



  1. i agree!!! this is the worst form of cruelty!! MASS killing of animals on a festival is quite a primitive way of celebrating this festival... PLZ PLZ STOP THIS!!!

  2. I hate these two-legged animals. I want them to die, cruelly and painfully like their victims.

  3. u r right. no god will be happy by killing animals