Human Sacrifice at Kali temple in Bengal


A beheaded like sacrificed, blood splattered torso of a 25 years old man was found outside of a temple of the Kali* goddess at a Paruldanga Village in Birbhum district of West Bengal.


According to the local news report, the body of the man was first spotted by the temple priest around 5 AM, when he went for morning prayers on 15 April 2010. The torso was found near the altar placed in front of the temple, where marigold flowers and incense sticks, bloodstains were also found on the altar for animal sacrifices.

Jai Maa Kali

An Adivasi youth and his wife were detained for questioning after sniffer dogs led the police to their house.


Unfortunately, the sacrifice of goats is part of the worship of Kali goddess and sometimes it has been traced the secret practices of Human sacrifice, though it is illegal in India.


Sacrifice of goats in temple is very common in eastern part of India. Whenever I envisage the childhood memory of seeing such sacrifices from own eyes, it compels me think that, why even highly educated people (including celebrities) prioritise their superstitions and queue up in temple to sacrifice a goat, whenever they get a new achievement in their life such as new job, child or marriage etc.


* Kali is a goddess of power in Hindu religion; Kali is widely worshipped in eastern parts of India and has several forms but popular in a benevolent mother figure and a dark and violent annihilator of evil wearing a garland of skulls.
+ Kali is also worshipped by some Adivasi or tribal people in India.


Sudesh Kumar

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  1. We are near 2016. Is the animal sacrifice for the Goddess Kali continue in the eastern part of India ? I am asking this because after the campaign to stop the Gadhimai Animal sacrifice in Nepal, there must be a change in the attitude and belief of people in India as well!